Midsummer madness! Yes, roll out all the old tropes.

June is going to be a crazy month for me. I am presenting papers at two symposia, Good Things and Bad Things, Nottingham Trent and Nottingham Contemporary (10th-11th) and Performative Mischief, Loughborough (18th). I’m going to the Collaboration in Practice conference, Manchester (21st-22nd) and am hoping to present something with my fellow researcher Ela (proposal due tomorrow!). 

To start the month with a bang, though, I’ve signed up for an intensive Spanish language class (3rd-7th).

And somewhere in there I have to tear off my clothes and dance around a bonfire or a megalith or a virgin or something similar to celebrate the midsummer solstice. Although it is my experience that English midsummer is a time of goosebumps rather than nudity. Anyway, a month to look forward to!